10 Web Design Trends To Watch In 2020

Design trends are shifting so quickly that it can be challenging to keep up with them. New coding standards and new platforms are emerging all the time, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. User preferences and data on the people who browse your pages keeps giving us new feedback. 

It can be tough trying to be on the cutting edge, so here are 10 web design trends to watch in 2020.


People have written ad nauseam about the trend of minimalism in web design, but it’s only getting more prevalent. The longer you wait to implement this philosophy where you can, the further behind you’re going to be. 

Minimalism is about removing the distracting parts of your design so that you can drive focus towards the essential elements: images, paragraphs, or CTA buttons. This isn’t just a trend in design, it’s a better design philosophy in general. 


Although the rule-of-thumb thus far has been to restrict serif to printed sources and let the sans-serifs handle the grown-up stuff, serif typefaces have been showing up everywhere. They give a sense of authority and class, which works for a lot of websites.


It’s been a trend for a long time, but Google introduced mobile-first indexing last year. This makes it critical to give the mobile websites priority, as Google is looking for content and links optimized for mobile devices.


The importance of color schemes in web design isn’t fading; it’s just shifting to a new standard. Modern designers are looking for ways to adhere to minimalist philosophies, and this means cutting out colors. Look for black-and-white templates to be accented by only a single color.


SVG images mean incredible scalability, so look for websites to start taking advantage of this. Full-size vector illustrations on a page mean that you can scale flawlessly. Why wouldn’t designers start slapping this technology in the hero banner? 


The use of animations lets the viewer feel like the experience is responding to them. From simple loading bars to fading transitions on page elements, animation is a critical part of the user experience now. 


If illustration doesn’t communicate what you’d like it to, then there’s a way to make static images even more engaging. Parallax effects have been around for a while


Images and text can be engaging, but nothing attracts the human eye quite like movement. The use of videos in hero banners or as backgrounds on minimalist pages is on the rise. The engagement of these videos improves user retention and conversion, so keep your eye on this trend as well.


Modern designers, whether or not it’s for the right reasons, are starting to understand what the phrase “world wide web” actually entails. With so many cultures and shades of humanity, showing more than just a pale face on your website can go a long way into making users feel included and accepted. 


This might just be a trend every year. However, with so many different styles and rules popping out of the ground like daisies, setting yourself apart is going to be about trying new things. Maybe something you come up with will be on the list for Trends To Watch in 2020. Alongside some kind of eyesight joke, of course.

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