3 best sounding earbuds under 50


Now a days technology is get advanced as the wired headphones are now changed to wireless ear buds with any benefits like ease of enjoying music during jogging or workout.

An earbud with high quality standard and with a low sound quality doesn’t give you the satisfaction you want and for that this article will help you to choose some of the best earbuds which are cheap, good quality standard in both sound quality and features.

With so many new manufacturers and quality standards, getting a best earbud under 50 is kind of wired but we will guide you through that. Everyone focuses on the new features that earbuds have, their compact design, remote control, track control system and their flexibility in the ear but they always miss the most important factor which is sound quality.

MXditect Headphones with Mic

The only Cheap earbud under 50 that has never compromised on both look and sound quality. The way earbuds are designed give you a glimpse about their build in quality. Their fit design, stylish and unique and alienated look might drag you to choose this one over every earbud. Not only the because of the cool design this headphones are recommended but also the performance and quality of these ear buds are awesome.

They has not a single sound driver system but came with two different sound driver to ensure the sound quality provided to the listener. The base is stabilized, strong and less irritating all the way because there is no wireless connection as they had a cord system. The eartips and mic both provide noise cancelling feature and there is a remote system on changing, play and skip the track


With compact aluminum material shaped and with unique dual density silicon ear tip that are comfortable and durable all along, these small cheap earbuds will not disappoint you on the way. Besides their shape, they are not fit for extreme working out because the silicon tips might get sloppy from the ear some time.

More interested in their sound quality beside from their remote system, good battery life and best portability, RHA has the best sound quality standard you will ever see in any cheap earbuds. These little sounding beasts can give you higher bass, vocalists and shine mids, and energetic highs. Keeping them on high volume doesn’t affect their sound quality and also maintain their sound quality if they are on Equalizer.

The silicon tip are cool, not only for the best fitting feature but they also has the noise and wind cancellation capability. The more they fir into the air the more you isolated from the external sound disturbance and you wouldn’t even listen to your friend sitting right in front of you talking. This feature makes these earbuds  best in a quality and use for every person.

Beats by Dr. Dre – urBeats

These are not the actual Beats that Dr.Dre use ( which are expensive more the $500 ) but actually are under 50 and are the best for music lovers like Dr Dre. Not only for the metallic structure but these Earbuds are number one in their designed based on their sound drivers.

Talk about the sounding quality, the eartips provides the best noise isolation for the user and the sound drivers are pumped inside to give you more clear, crispy and balanced sound on the way. The bass of the earbuds is quite classic, uninterested with higher sound. The way sound drivers are designed actually strengthens the bass and gives an extra range for enjoy different for music equalizing.

Although they are cheap there is no noise cancelling feature in the mic but the eartips provide an isolated music environment to the user. But there are other many features in these headphones which made them a good enough earbuds.

You can connect these ear buds to every kind of devices as there are no compatibility issues in these ear buds. As there are some earbuds  which have connectivity issues with some devices but this problem is get minimized in these earbuds.

So these were some earbuds which were good in quality and performance and low in price.

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