8 Apps To Get Many Free Gift Cards Doing Almost Nothing

If you are looking to get free gift cards doing almost nothing or doing what you love like surveys, watching videos, download apps and opening then and many no time consuming stuffs.

You are on the right part. Having one of these apps may not make you in any rich. That’s why I would be providing you with about eight of it.

I guess that’s cool?

What Can I Do With Free Gift Cards

If you are looking to know what you can do with free gift cards then that’s absolutely easy trust me and I’d give you about two or more things you can do with maybe a $100 amazon card you got freely. Which are :

1. Purchase your favorite books, apps, games and services

2. Sell it and make good cash in the process

3. Use it to buy products.

There are a lots of things you can do with it apart from the three I  mentioned above but its up to you what kind of gift card you want. Maybe its the

ITunes gift card

Amazon gift card

Steam Wallet gift card

Google play gift card

Apple gift card

And I will be telling you what can make you get a free one.

8 Apps That Helps You Get Free Gift Cards

The apps I will be listing below are only for users who runs the Android OS and tablets.

In my next article, I’ll publish how to get free cards for Apple and IPhone users too.

1. AppNana: I can call this the best reward app for android. Download free apps from the app and get free Nanas. You get free points for checking in on the app daily.

You can redeem the nanas earned for gift cards.

2. Cash For Apps: It’s very simple, 300 points from this app gives $1 BOOM that’s earning a free gift the easy way for you.

You can earn cards by just downloading about ten apps and that’s it.

3. AppBounty: You get free gems, Diamonds, Donuts, Gold and a lot more by downloading apps and retrieving free credits.

You get free Amazon, iTunes and PlayStation gift cards for free amongst others.

4. Gift Game: Wanna earn? Why not open gift game, play games and complete the required given offer and redeem you rewards for coins and gift cards of your choice.

5. Giftloop: Funny, you can earn by your charging and lock screen.

You will be rewarded from Top brands like Walmart, PayPal, Amazon, Netflix and more.

6. LuckyMoney: Every rewards in this app only takes a short time so you can do other things you please easily.

The time it takes to receive payments for any gift card of your choice doesn’t take more than two days.

7. AppKarma: Its easier with AppKarma because you install and earn Karma plays for daily usage of apps you are given to download during surveys. You earn rewards for also answering quizzes.

You have wide ranges of rewards even for inviting friends and lots more.

8. Money Cube: Its a four way step; tap ice cube, install and run apps, watch videos and invite friends. Then you are good to go.

Rewards are; ITunes gift card, PayPal cash, Amazon gift card, Google Play gift cards and more in the new version.

Need to use the apps mentioned? Then look them up on your app store for more detailed information. Fairly good, now you know the apps you can earn free gift cards and use it for your favorite things.

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