Best Free fitness App

Best fitness Apps

Whether you are Gym Pro or a Normal Guy Everyone want to see their progress so they have to know how they can do exercise that gives best result. Many of us only do few exercises and sometimes we miss leg day exercise. So here I’m telling you those Apps that helps to do Proper Workout and that will be easy for us. You have to simply download this free fitness apps on your Android phones.

1 Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workouts that means if you have no Equipment, You can still do lots of exercise for all your main muscles group. Every day you have to spend a few minutes to build your muscles without going to any Gym or without coach here you will see all the steps and you can also track your progress.

Home Workout fitness App

Features of this App:

  • 1 Full Workout Exercises
  • 2 Training Plans
  • 3 Coach Tips
  • 4 Different levels
  • 5 7*4 Challenge
  • 6 No Equipment necessary
  • 7 Weight calculator

2 Google Fit

Google Fit App helps to track your Moves minutes and Heart points that can help to improve your health. In Move minutes, Any activity you will do like walking , it will count all the steps. THat Inspire you to walk more and sit less. Beside this Its track your Workout from your phone app or Smartphone watch and shows you real time stats for your workout.

Google fit App

3. Female Fitness – Woman Workout

Its a Best app for Woman workout. In this App , You can Burn your belly fat, tone butt, slim legs and Get in Shape. Many of us do not know how to burn unwanted fat and how we can get in Shape body that helps to wear our best clothes. Female Fitness App has main focus on lose belly fat workout. So if you want to lose your weight. You can try this app.

Female Fitness App

Feature of this App:

  • Simple workout that maximize fat burning
  • No Equipment needed
  • Exercise for all your body parts
  • Animation or Video workout clips
  • Track your calories burned

4. Pro GYM Workout

Pro GYM Workout is proper Gym workouts App where you can see Professional trainer Videos that teach how to do this workouts.You can use Free version but i will suggest Premium Version of this Apps is good where you will see more professional trainers videos. Download Here- PRO GYM Workout App

Pro Gym Workouts App

Features of this App

  • 120+ Exercise and 9 workouts videos
  • No Internet connection required
  • BMI Calculator, Fat calculator, protein calculator and Protein calculator
  • You can add your favourite exercises
  • Add you Favourite routine workout plan

5. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

When Someone challenge you , you can’t get 6 Packs or You can’t lose your Weight. What you will do!

Mostly we will Join Gym or May start dieting and its good choice but if you don’t how you can achieve this goals. You will lose your hopes. 

30 Day Fitness Challenge Apps help to achieve your fitness goal by showing particular exercises for your Target Goal. You can see your progress report that inspire you to lose more weight. Not only weight loss you can build your full body muscles here.

30 day fitness challenge App

Feature of this App:

  • Training Plan
  • Coach Tips
  • Track Progress
  • Before and After Visible Changes
  • Video guide
  • 30 Day abs challenges
  • 30 day butt challenge

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