Best Video conferencing apps

Video conferencing apps

For your Business meeting you are always looking for reliable Apps that provide high quality video quality chat facilities. There are lots of apps that are expensive and their video quality is also not good. For Real time visual communication we need those apps that fulfill our requirements with additionally supported audio and text chat features. Sometimes we have to send files, desktop sharing,images and pdf docs too , so these apps also have this kind of features. Here we will show you the best Video conferencing apps for your office meeting.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco webex meetings is a better option for video conferencing apps. You have to simply download through play store and Signup your account. There are two options: Free and paid price $59 per month( for accurate pricing contact Cisco support team). You can try a free trial for 30 days where they give you meetings with 100 participants, screen sharing, HD video and a personal room. It’s very popular for online business meetings and for job interviews.

cisco webex meetings

You can start your meeting by providing with a Meeting Number, Host Key and Meeting Password along with a url in the form https://[organization_name][organization_name]/j.php?MTID=[base_64_string]. You can access the meeting Without registering with this url.


GoToMeeting is another online meeting and video conferencing software. They also have both free and paid versions (cost depends so check on GTM Support team). On GoToMeeting you will get high quality screen sharing, VoIP audio, webcam and chat messaging that’s good for your office conferencing. Upto 26 people can attend your meeting and your session is completely private and secure. For Small Businesses or online training courses it’s a right app for their video conference.

Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts meet or Just Meet is a Google G Suite product. You can use it by opening on your web browser and enter Start your meeting.Its a free and Simple to use and their UI also user friendly. Mostly small businesses,teachers and online courses and for friends use hangouts. Video quality is good but sometimes you will face audio voice issues. Maybe it will resolve this problem and you can consider Hangout for a single video meeting.


Skype is a Simple way to use and their UI app design is also good for any beginners. It supports video calls for upto 50 people on any mobile device, tablet or computer. For Skype Video conference you have to log in your Skype account And Then Add People or see your contact list( if you have already added). Click on that User id and start calling. It’s a Free of cost and you can call internationally. That’s why people love this App. During video meeting you can send files, text , images and their Audio quality is also good. That’s a best option for video conferencing apps.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom Cloud Meetings is also good option for Video conferencing. They have two option Free Plan and Paid pro Plan that cost you $20 per month.In your Free plan you can use upto 40 minutes group meetings. You can host your meeting very easily and send invitation links through mail ids so they can see your video. Of Course if you need more than 40 minutes or more participants in your meeting then you have upgraded your plan to a paid version. Download Zoom App on your Android phone and start free trial.

I have to say one more thing about the Coronavirus pandemic that many people have lost their business sales and they want to get their business on the right track. I will suggest you can use video conference apps for your business meetings. In that way you will save from covid-19. Stay at home and Wash your hands with sanitizer. 

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