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You have written new content and now you’re waiting for traffic but you don’t receive much traffic for you blog. And Now you’re thinking what’s I will do next to increase my site traffic.

When you started your new Blog, You have to gain some trust so you can beat your competitors and your contents have to be information or user useful content so you can gets organic traffic. You have to first gain User Trust so they can read your blogs. Beside that you have to build Few Domain Authority Backlinks so you can increase your site Moz metrics.

Best way to Build Domain Authority Backlinks

Now here I will share my techniques for building Domain Authority Backlinks. And Trust me If you do right things. You will succeed. Many beginners asked how to build links , don’t know how to start. So Guys Read this blog post. You will learn Latest SEO Linkbuilding techniques here.

Write User Based content

You have to find out which type of content user looking for and then write content on that topic that covers all their query for that niche. When your write user based content for your blog, you will see organic traffics and Also people share your content on their social media sites or even on their blogs. That’s help to gain authority value for your website.

How to get ideas for User based content

people also ask

You have to search your topic on Google search bar or may be your target keywords. You will see on Search bar result- People also Ask box where you will see user frequently asked question for that niche or Topic. Now you know that user looking for answere for this question. Now write up content on those Q/A that solved user query answered.


Infographic  is a collection of graphics, clips, data and visual representations to present information quickly and clearly easy to understand. Infographic is best way to describe your content and User loves to share your Infographic image on their social media sites and on their blog. In This way you will gets tons of links for your website.

Example of Infographic: Coronavirus Infographics. Today I see many people shares Coronavirus Covid 19 Images on their social media sites. That’s gives user quick information how they can safe from this virus with few steps of precautions. If you can create attractive or information type images, people loves to shares and you will gets more traffic.

Guest Post

Guest Post or Bloggerr Outreach is a SEO techniques to build backlinks on your Niche relevant sites. Guest Post means writhing a content and outreach for your site niche site where you can publish this content and you will gets one do-follow links to your blog. That’s help to grow your audience.

How to find Guest Post sites

Now you will think how you can find guest post sites. I will show you simple way to find sites through using search terms that I used.

Inurl:”your keyword” + “write for us”

“your keyword” + “write for us”

“your keyword” + “guest post”

When you search this terms , you will see lots of blogs sites. Open each site on your chrome bar and read their Write for us page or contact us page. After that Send Outreach Mail message for Guest post with your Blog content Topic. If that blogger like your content, he will published your content or may charge fees for link.

Broken Link building

Broken link building is a tactics to gain links on Broken (i.e dead 404 page) link on a blog where link url not working or removed page replace with working site url. You have to check that links content on Way Back Machine site that helps to see their existing content. So You can create your content on that topics and Outreach that dead link site owner and show your content url is good option for that dead link. In that way you can create more Links for your website.

How to Find Broken Link Building sites

If you have paid tools like Moz, Ahrefs and Semrush where you can check your competitor backlinks and then choose their 404 page url. You will see few 404 page then check that 404 page backlinks so in that way you can see their linked backlinks. Then create your content and outreach for link replacement. For Manual search you can use this search terms:

KEYWORD intitle:”resources”

KEYWORD inurl:”links”

KEYWORD intitle:”links” inurl:”/links”

KEYWORD blogs inurl:”resources” intitle:”resources”

For my experience Paid tools gives you best result and save your time. I hope you liked our post and share this content with your friends. You can also learn how to do Pinterest SEO. Comment if you want to know more and any suggestion.

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