Constructive ways of using Animation for marketing

To have a successful business, it is important to have an effective marketing strategy. Using animation for marketing purposes is an effective method to market your brand and business. It is unique and grasps more attention and stands out from competitors.  

They enhance visibility online and assist in creating greater revenue. Not only that, visual effects are one of the most significant ways to pique interest in human beings. Viewers get bewitched by animated videos, this will be beneficial to both you and your audiences. The more stimulating the video is the more recognition you’ll get. Apart from that, the animation used for marketing often conveys its core message concisely and innovatively; takes less time and effort from both parties’ sides. 

Explainer videos 

Explainer videos have made their place in the marketing industry as an effective tool. According to a study, there was a 52% increase in sales due to the help of the video animation company. Here are a few attributes you need to keep in focus for explainer videos; 

  • The video should be concise, maximum 1 minute 30 seconds. That is to keep the viewers’ attention and interest intact. 
  • The video should be simple so that people find it easier to understand. 
  • You should be able to cover all the important factors within the given time. In short, mention benefits rather than features. 
  • Use good quality visuals and attractive voice for voice-over so that it doesn’t bore the viewer due to the monotony. 

How animated videos influence marketing in blogs 

It will add up as an accessory for your written content if you add an animation video in there. Apart from that, it will give your blog a unique look. Having animated videos in your blog increases its value and popularity, which later on influences by an increase in sales as well. 

Using GIF for marketing on social posts

Social media is a massive platform that is almost being used by everyone. The usage of animated GIFs on social posts increases the viewer’s interest. It is a flexible and grasping approach towards marketing; which connects well with connecting people across the platform. 

Brands and businesses can use this method for gaining attention from the viewers as it adds to the emotion; gives it humor and an emotionally stimulating backing. Apart from that, it makes the content more shareable. 

Here are a few ways you could use GIFs for marketing;

  • It can be used to exhibit a product. 
  • It’s a creative method to convey news.
  • It can be used to make emails more fancy and user-friendly. And if it’s for official purposes, then it can be used to show off contents in a creative way. 
  • It can be incorporated to make users experience better; this will improve the relationship between the business or brand and user. 

Representation of sales

Due to captivating visual effects, confined attention requirement and concise explanation which is to the point; animation videos are helpful for marketing. One animated video is equivalent to several salespeople. It can be used to; 

·       Product description:

Products get even more interesting if they are being presented through an animated video. The visual effects makes it easier to remember a certain product.

·       Spreads brands awareness:

Using animated videos for product description marks a good name for the brand itself. It is all interlinked to one another. 

·       Increase in sales due to credibility:

According to a study, people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video based on the product. It proves to be a useful tool for consumers as it helps them evaluate the product, visually rather than it does with simple texts.

·       Increases search engine ranking:

Videos are more likely to increase the ranking of brands and businesses on online platforms. Video results take 50 percent of the space on top of the list on search engines. 

·       Enticing for customers:

Since video animation assists with sales and alteration, it gains more customers. 

3 Ways to create alluring animation videos to improve marketing

The first step is to have a preplanned approach for your marketing strategy through animated videos. 

·       Emphasize on the benefits:

Your key priority is to provide the required information to the customer, which should sound appealing to them rather than a futile effort at self-promotion. Therefore the key priority should be to inform them about the benefits. 

·       Your points should be impactful:

The video should not be intense or overwhelming for the viewer but rather simplistic and easier to understand and relate to. 

Research on what you’re up against:

You should have all the updates regarding the competition present within the market, on the tip of your fingers. Only then will you be able to create something which stands out. 

Know your audience, know your competition and know your content; you’ll automatically make it to the top. 

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