COVID-19 Safety Tips Employers Must Consider Before Reopening the Office

COVID-19 Safety Tips Employers Must Consider Before Reopening the Office

Deciding to reopen the traditional workplace is a lot more complicated with the fact that the coronavirus disease is still lurking in the dark. Moreover, asking the employees to return to work without a concrete safety plan is like risking not only their health but also their family’s safety amid this uncertain time. 

Fortunately, some certain states and countries are gradually relaxing their lockdown or quarantine protocols after seeing certain improvements. But this has only become possible after their commendable actions towards controlling the outbreak. 

With that, if you’re deciding to reopen your company’s doors for your employees soon, you might put some several factors into account first. Either your place is now under a more relaxed quarantine measure or not, you shouldn’t disregard these certain tips to ensure the health and safety of your whole company. 

Thus, proceed to the next few pages and find out the least you can do for your returning workforce during the unceasing spread of the coronavirus. 

  • Consider getting a regular office cleaning service

Since practising proper hygiene and observing absolute cleanliness in the surroundings must be prioritised, you’re advised to consider getting a regular office cleaning service from the experts. Even before COVID-19 shocks the whole world, some businesses are already offering office cleaning services to ensure that every employee can work in great comfort and safety. 

Some of the common features or inclusions of an office cleaning service are deep cleaning, fogging, disinfection cleaning, and sanitising services. The said features are just in time to ensure that deep-seated germs, viruses, and bacteria in the workplace will be eliminated. 

Acquiring or getting an office cleaning service is highly suggested to be done before requiring your employees to return to the traditional workplace. 

  • Requiring employees to practice proper hygiene, and observe social and physical distancing

Aside from getting the workplace sanitised, disinfected, and deep-cleaned, you must also ask your employees to do their part. Require them to always put proper hygiene into practice, wear face masks, and always observe social and physical distancing. 

And since so much has already changed since the pandemic started, tell your employees to also refrain from gathering in groups as much as possible. One thing you can do with that is to provide physical barriers between their workstations or move their workstations farther apart.  

  • Install cleaning, disinfecting, sanitising stations

To remind and help your employees look after their health and safety while in the office, you better consider installing cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising stations either per floor or per department. This factor has a huge impact in containing the virus, especially if you’re welcoming clients or customers regularly.

Alcohol, disinfectant sprays like Lysol, antibacterial wet wipes, tissues, soaps, and hand sanitisers are some of the major items you might include in every station.  

  • Provide employees with personal protective equipment (PPEs) or other health and safety essentials

Next, we have here the idea of providing your employees with personal protective equipment or PPEs. You might understand that not all employees can afford the expenses of purchasing the much-needed PPEs for some reasons. 

With that, provide them with the essentials voluntarily as you ask them to return to the traditional workplace soon. Even a free face mask, free alcohol bottles, or bunny suit would mean a lot to them. 

Think of this as a way of protecting not just one or two of your workforce, but also your whole company. 

  • Enforce a skeleton workforce and flexible working hours

While the idea of return-to-office isn’t that bad, especially if your state is handling the outbreak excellently, it’s still important to limit the volume of people gathering or staying in the same place. With that, you’re also advised to enforce a skeleton workforce and implement flexible working hours as you welcome your employees back again in the office. 

This strategy or safety plan works very well amid the COVID-19 pandemic as it helps control the number of employees in the building and the volume of people gathered in the same place.

  • Incorporate social-distancing markers on floors or physical barricades

The last safety tip we have for you is to incorporate social-distancing markers on floors or physical barricades, especially if you’re accepting clients onsite. You might see these so-called social-distancing markers in grocery stores, ATM outlets, and so on. 

This idea will help your employees comply with the social and physical distancing protocols effectively. 

The Bottom Line:

While the whole world is still looking for a way out of this unfortunate global crisis, many companies can’t help to resume their business operations not only to ensure the future of their firm but also to help their employees earn a living in these trying times. 

With that, following the health protocols from the frontliners, and considering these safety tips will be a great help to at least ease the spread of the coronavirus. 


Kath Ramirez is a graduate of AB Journalism and a current writer to Australian, and United Kingdom-based companies including Cutelli Cleaning, a well-known company that specialises in corporate and office cleaning services. Aside from writing, Kath also keeps herself busy spending time with her family, cherishing the role of a dog mum, travelling, reading random books, and diving into the world of photography. She’s not even a pro at whatever she’s engaged in right now, but one thing she knows, she’s happy and that’s more than enough.

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