Essential Gear Every Football Player Must Have

football safety gear

American Football is a thrilling, adrenaline rushing action packed contact sport. It is the most popular sport in the United States of America. It ranks 12th in the overall popularity in the world. This active hard-hitting sport is so popular that it generates about $10 billion dollars annually and holds the most watched sporting event in the United States (the Super bowl). American football is a tough tough game and only physically strong specimens can play this sport.

American football is a game that is full of crazy runs, lots of kicks and extremely hard tackling. Because of all this American football is the 6th toughest sport in the world. It is the sport with the 3rd highest number of injuries under its belt. This is why along with strength training you must always go for the right gear so that you perform well and stay safe from injuries. You want to be equipped at all times to be able to counter the risks and be injury free. We have compiled a list of the essential gear that every football player simply must have. Here goes nothing.

A Proper Football Team Uniform

A proper football team uniform consists of two articles. A football jersey and a football pants. What makes them a must have is that they are made using high quality synthetic fibers that enable them to be highly sweat-absorbent, extremely stretchable and durable, perfect fitting and also stain resistant. The jerseys are built to be a little loose from the chest and shoulder so that it has space to accommodate and hold the protective paddings in its place.

The Football Jersey is decorated with the team’s logo and is mostly in their flag colors. The jersey has the player name and number at the back so that the fans, team mates and the referees can identify each player. Unlike some of the other sports the complete football team wears the same uniform. Football pants like the football shirts are made out of the same material.

These pants are pretty tight and contain space to put in some padding for protection. These pants are extremely durable and survive all sorts of stretching, sliding tackling and etc. with ease. These pants keep the players comfortable and enable them to perform well while keeping themselves safe. You can also read NFL Sports Jersey .

Proper Football Safety Gear (helmets, face masks, shoulder pads and other paddings)

Football is a contact sport. It consists of hard tackling and constant pushing and shrugging. This makes this sport have its players sustain the 3rd highest number of injuries. This is why owning proper safety gear is imperative. The safety gear such as helmets, face masks, shoulder pads, mouth pieces and etc. protects the players from sustaining career ending or life threatening injuries. Without these protective gears, no player can survive even a season. No matter how big or strong you are (even if you Hercules) you have always got to wear proper gear. You never know, on your bad day you can easily be battered and plundered because other players are also in it to win it and are freaks of nature as well. Don’t ever get over confident and keep the gear strapped on, trust me they can be the difference between life and death.

Proper Football Shoes

Proper Football shoes are again a very important article for a football player. They protect the wearer from various injuries and also support the player’s movements on the pitch.

They simply enable players to do what they want on the grassy field. They do this because football shoes have cleats at the bottom. These cleats dig onto the field and provide amazing grip on the grass. With the help of these players can run, jump, change directions and stop quickly with a lot of ease. They also help add power and precision to the kicks of the players. Proper shoes also provide support to the ankles and keep the player safe from twists, sprains or broken ankles. Be sure to buy proper fitting good quality shoes. You want the fit to be perfect because if it is not, it will just ruin your kicks and instead of aiding it will lower your game. You won’t be able to move properly and might even injure yourself.

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