How to increase Computer Speed

Computer speed

Everyone needs Fast speed computer for their work.  But sometimes we faced slow speed or hang or delay for opening some websites. When that happened we were frustrated why this happened with us. We have New PC or an upgraded version of windows. So what’s the problem with our computer?

Hello I’m TechJash Owner and here I’m sharing a few Tips and tricks that help to increase your Computer Speed. Let’s start.

1 Delete Unwanted Item

Now how you know which data is useless and how you find those files or folders. Just start RUN Programs and you will see a search Box like you see below image.

Run program for removing temporary files

By using this search box, You will know which folder, file, document or internet resources are not needed any more.

Now Search This query on Run program

%temp% – this will show all temporary file that you have to delete

Recent– that will show all your recent activities , remove this data too

Prefetch– Remove prefetch data too

After that Empty your Recycle Bin. It will help to release a few spaces for your computer.

2.Customize power plan

By using a customized Power plan you can maximize your computer performance  or conserve energy. Here is steps:

Open Control Panel

Click on Hardware and Sound

After that choose Power option and see additional plans

Where you can see the High Performance option. See image

Customize Power plan

3. Drive space

Driver space is also a good way to improve your PC Speed. What you have to do here. You have to just delete unwanted software, videos, files etc that are not more useful for you. It will give you more Free spaces and increase your CPU gigahertz speed too.

4. Upgrade your Ram

Basically window 10 uses less Ram usage as compared to your previous window, But if you upgrade your Ram Memory, it will definitely speed up your pc. Specially Video Game Laptops used high speed RAM so you can run your game smoothly. 

If you have little bit knowledge of hardware, you can add your RAM yourself within 30 minutes. If not then take your pc to your near professional computer repair shop .

5. Web Browser

Even little adjustments make a difference in your pc speed. Many times I see our browser not work properly or slow down or may be hung for a while when we open sites. 

clear browsing data from your web browser history option

Here you have to check your web browser History ( like i used Google chrome you can use Ctrl+H shortcut key too). After opening you have to clear browsing data , that will delete all cache sites that have file information when we have open sites on our web browser, some sites asking to accept cookies information that kind of sites use our space. So by removing all this cache we will see improvement in our browser speed.

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