How To Select The Right Ethernet Cables?

select right ethernet cables

Bulk Ethernet cables are the essential hardware tool that connects two networking devices. These cables use twisted pairs of solid core or copper wires to transmit data in RJ-45 connectors. The four twisted parts of the copper wire make the twisted pair cables. As far as the stability of your connection is concerned a wired connection is likely to be much more stable than a virus-less connection. There are a variety of different types of ethernet cables that are utilized and these types depend on your requirement and use of the cable.

For normal usage like internet surfing, you can do with a Cat 6 20 meter just fine however for heavier transactions you would need to make sure that you are using a stronger cable connection and a stronger ethernet-like Cat6a ethernet cable which offers much better performance than the Cat6 and Cat5e Ethernet cables. When selecting the right ethernet for your use there are many things that you will probably have to consider like the length, the color, and the type of ethernet cable that you are buying, and what is the purpose of the use.

Ethernet Cable CAT rating:

The Cat versions of the ethernet cables stand for the category of the cable and you need to make sure that you are selecting the right Category for ethernet cables depending on your usage. The Cat6a ethernet cable version of the network cables is not very popular because it is starting to become obsolete. The performance of the ethernet cable depends very much on how old or new the ethernet cable is which is why high-performance people tend to prefer the CAT 7 cables instead of CAT 5. 

With that said, most homes and businesses do prefer to use the CAT 5e version because this ethernet cable is much more suitable for internet usage as well as the transmission of data at over 100 Mbps at 100 MHz and this is a reliable enough speed for many homes and businesses. However, for home and everyday usage, the CAT 6 ethernet cables can transmit data with much less interference than the CAT 5 Ethernet cables so you should use the CAT 6.

Ethernet Cable Metals:

When shopping for the perfect ethernet cables you must know that different metals have different effects on the performance of the ethernet cable. For example, the readily available and frequently used aluminum cables will be much cheaper than the ethernet cables that are made of brass. The aluminum cables will eventually show cracking and this will most definitely interrupt with the performance of the cable in the long run. 

For the best performance, it is preferred that you get cat6 ethernet cables which generally are much faster when it comes to the transmission of data. These might offer the best performance but the gold ethernet cables do tend to be more expensive than both Aluminum and Brass.

Length of Ethernet Cable:

One pro tip with ethernet cables is to always buy cables that are bigger than the original space that is available to you. So, if you have an ethernet cable of 0.75 meters then you will have to buy an ethernet cable of 1m long. Make sure that no matter what the length of the cable should not fall short as compared to the space available. The shorter ethernet cables can interrupt with performance as well you can also choose to buy ethernet cables with no ends. This means that you can later cut them and fix the plug that you need.

Ethernet Plug Cables:

Manufacturers often make ethernet cables with plugs on either ends however, some of these ethernet cables will be without plugs. Some cables come without any plugs. You can buy the cat6 ethernet cable and plug depending on your reason for buying the ethernet cable. 

The most common types of cables are straight-through cables which will clearly show the trail of colored wires. Such cables are the best for connecting two different devices. Then there are crossover cables that have two different plugs on each end and they normally connect two smaller devices which may need to be switched in the middle.

Ethernet Cable Construction:

The bulk Ethernet cable construction will also be very different and if you need the cable for home networking then it is much better to use the cables which have a relatively simpler construction. Cat5e Ethernet cables have four twisted pairs of copper wire and there is the shielded twisted pair and the unshielded twisted pair and if you are looking for an ethernet cable that allows you to block as much interference as possible to give you a better performance than a shielded twisted-pair copper wire is a much better option for you.

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