How you can make Money Through Facebook ?

Earn money using facebbok

As we know Facebook is Social media site where billions of people have their account on FB. We spend lots of time on social media sites. On Facebook We usually check our New Feed and scroll all the time. We read our friends story and sometime we see Pages Posts, Those pages that we follow and Sometime we see Sponsored Post too. So How you can make money using Facebook.

Facebook Group

Facebook group page

First of all you have to choose your niche and then create Group that Helps other people problem. Like I create a Group : ” SEO Jobs in Chandigarh ” . When i create this Group i suggest my SEO Friends that love to join this Group. As this Group name tells all user that we Post Recruitment SEO Jobs post on my group. Now i have more than 2K members on this page. I don’t post daily here i just post when i recieve any job requirment request through companies. And i charge $10 Per Job post on this group. Becoz I have geniuine Members i easily earn commission too. Here i earn $100 Per month I know its not enough but its free money. Its easy to do No rocket science . Companies Send me message or outreach so i can post their Ads on my seo group.

Facebook Page

Facebook page is also other way to earn Money. Just choose your Niche or Topic and Create your Page. Add Logo Pic and banner image on your page so its looks professional page. I have one page ” Online Shopping Deals in India” where i share all the Shopping deals. You can also do that. Create your page on Shopping, Travel, Food and many more Niche like Sports. After creating page Post relevant image or quotes that attracts new user to like your page. When you build your follower more than 1K. Always check Page Insights Tab button where you can check all the details of your page followers Like age,location etc.

When you have active followers, Your Niche Companies will search your page through Facebook search box . They will Outreach and send you message for Promoting their business site or deals on your page. Then you can send your Offer price for posting any offers on your page. Think about when you have more Followers, you can earn more money.

Affiliate Marketing

Facebook affiliate post

You can earn money through Affiliate Marketing by sharing Product links on your page. There are so many Affiliate programs that you can join according to your page Niche. Assume you have Shopping Page where you can shares clothes affiliate links of Amazon. Yes i have Amazon Affiliate account so when i see any attractive deals on thos product i share with my Page followers . When they click on that product , our affiliate id trigger and if they buy any product with in cookies time. We will earn 5 to 10 % commission. Easy and Simple way to earn money. Join Now Affiliate marketing program.

Local Business

If you’re Owner of local Business then you can promote your business on Facebook and Increase your Sales. Like You Run Local Salon Shop then Setup your Facebook page and Create Facebook ads campaign for your business. And Target Right Audience for your business. Its a cheapest and right way to target narrow Audience for leads.

I can share more tips for earning money online but i think its enough to earn extra or full time money for your life. If you want to learn more message me. Those who want to promote your business can contact me. I can advertise your business on Facebook.

Keep Sharing right things with your Friends and family member. Always learn new tactis that help to improve your Skills.

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