Identity Theft: Tips On How To Avoid Becoming A Victim

Digital world dawned with the promise to safeguard the identity of online users through protocols and solutions that were boosted to be state of the art. But despite years and millions being spent on digital security, online users are no safer when it comes to their personal and financial details. The bigger danger in this whole fiasco of stolen identity on the internet originates from lax security protocols by internet’s largest businesses, that lead to financial and personal information of millions of users being compromised.

Recent surveys have shown that users are also shifting the responsibility of their online identity protection on their digital service providers as compared to a few years back when it was a general consensus that digital users must make sure that their personal detail on their online profiles is safe and secure. But how the tables have turned over a few years and after a countless number of data breaches. Still, we have come up with a few useful tips that can help you secure your personal details from Identity theft

Opt For Businesses With KYC

It might feel irksome to some online users to have their identities checked every time they try to perform an activity on an online portal, but it is an amazing method to secure their online accounts. 2018 was a year where more identity fraud was committed by taking over existing accounts of genuine users rather than using fake personal information to register for a new account. Both credit card accounts, as well as bank accounts, are being taken over by identity thieves with stolen personal information of digital users. So always opt for a service provider that wants to confirm your identity before providing you access to your account.

Stronger and Multiple Passwords

Yes, we agree that it is a redundant tip when it comes to identity theft protection but it is tried and tested approach to ensure that the identity of a user and access to their accounts remain limited to them. It is important for online users to take their online security seriously and use multiple passwords for different services and never use ease to break passwords. Multiple passwords are just like an added layer of digital security to protect you from identity theft and stop a domino effect in case any one of your accounts is breached.

Safer Browsing Patterns

Apart from the leaked information from the data servers of large digital service providers, identity theft can originate from online users as well and the biggest source of that happening is from unsafe browsing practices by online users. Accessing internet services over public Wi-Fi, clicking on links that take you to unsafe websites and sharing personal credentials to digital acquaintances can all lead to digital identity theft.

So, as you can see from the above lines, that even if the data hackers are out to get large chunks of customer data from servers of large corporations, there is still some responsibility that falls on yourself to safeguard your identity from falling in the hands of identity thieves.

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