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If you’re running your website blog site. I know how much time you spend on finding the right keywords for your next post. But many of us do not know how we can find the right keywords for our Organic Users. Before starting how I search keywords. I will discuss more about meaning of keywords and its Types. Keep reading!

What is Keyword?

When people search on search engine sites using a word or phrase to get information of those words is called as search query. And that word or phrase is called as keyword.

Let consider Someone search “ Weight loss in 30 days” on Google. You will see lots of Weight loss website information on search engine. So In this case “Weight loss in 30 days” is Keyword and you get all the information of this topic .

Types of Keyword

1.       Singular keywords

Singular  keyword is basically single word keyword and it’s a high competition keyword but doesn’t give you specific more details. Its very difficult to rank on one Single word.

Example of Short Tail keyword “ Travel”

Here User search Travel on search site to get all the information about Travel. You will see high search volume on this Single word and what you see on search site. I see this – Wikipedia page that define travel meaning and  many travel deals offer sites.

2.       Short-Tail Keyword

Short Tail keywords are those words that combine two words and provide much better information what searcher wants to know.

Example : “Goa Hotels”

Here User search about Goa hotels. So they want to know about Goa hotels information. They will see all the goa hotels list.

3 . Long tail Keyword

When you combine three or four phrases words its known as Long tail keyword. Long tail keywords have always provide more detailed specific search results for your query. It’s high selling keywords for all business.

For Example: “Goa hotels under Rs5000”

As you see User wants to know Hotel under Rs 5000 that means they want to book any hotel that offers under 5K Rooms in Goa. That’s why all the business owner focus on Long tail keywords becoz its more specific and user takes action to buy.

4.       Short Term Fresh Keyword

Short Term Fresh keywords are those words that have high volume searches for certain weeks or months but after that event gone you will not get any searches for these keywords or very low searches.

For Example:  “Avengers Infinity War”

That’s a best example of Short Term fresh keyword. When this movies released people types many searches on this word but after everyone see this movies. Now Very few people searches this words. Movies keywords types are best example of Short term fresh keyword.

5.       Geo Targeted keyword

When user search any keywords with location or places. That type of keywords are Geo Targeted keyword . In this type of keywords people usually search for local business in their geo location.   

For Example: “Hair salon in New York”

Here User want to know Hair salon store in New York for hair cutting. So using this search they will get local hair salon Google Map listing sites. All the New York Hair salon business will be shown there now they can choose any salon that near to them.

6.       LSI Keyword

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keyword Is a way to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in a content. Basically here your website pages crawled by search engine sites and the most common phrases and words are collated and identified as the keywords for the page.

For Example: “Apple”

Here you will be surprised when you search for this word. I’m seeing Apple Mobile Phone page But Apple is Fruit name. so if you have added more LSI tags on your website that shows search engine more about your content. Like Eat an Apple every day or Apple season time etc.

7.       Query Keyword

Query Keywords are basically Question type searches words. That types of searches looking for product or services information that compare with more than 1 product.

For Example: “Best Weight Gainer Supplements in USA”

So here user want to know all the best weight gainer product information in USA Country.

How to Search keywords for your Blog?

Before creating any content , We have to know which keywords will be good for those Topic. So we can write informative content on those words for Audience. So Keywords are most important in Organic SEO Searches.

For Beginners I mention all the keywords types so they can know all variation of keywords and they can choose the right keywords for you’re their website content. Now check out the best way to find keywords for your blog.

1.   Google Trend

Google Trend is a Free way to find keywords that shows how many searches have trending on that particular time. You can know analyze on Which months or years that keyword trending on search engine. Check Sample image for more clarification

Google Trend keyword Research

I have searched “ Pruner” topic on google trend. And here you can see interest over time for this word. You can see I choose United State Country for checking this keyword trending Web searches. That also show us Interest by Sub- Region for Pruner keyword. Where you can figure out which state people search this keyword more often.

It’s also help to find related queries of that word Pruner. You can click on each related queries for more depth searching of keyword. See Image

2.   Google Keyword Planner

Google Ads Campaign have their Tool that you can see when you login on your Ads Campaign.  Just Click on Tool & Setting button where you will see Keyword Planner feature. If you have run paid campaigns on Google Ads, You can use this keyword planner tool.

Google Keyword Planner tool

Let Assume You have to Search more Suggestion for “Weight Loss” search term . You have to type this word on keyword planner and you will see this result. Check image

Now you can see all Keyword ideas for this search term and Average monthly searches for each keyword that help to know which keywords have high competition level or not.

3.   Google Search Bar Keyword Idea

When you search for any query on Google Search Bar , you will see Google Suggest more ideas for those words. And You can Use those ideas for your Next Blog Article content. See Image I search Wight loss term and I see there are few Suggestion for more depth of that Niche like Weight loss tips, Weight loss diet plan and so on.

Google Search Bar Keyword

4.   Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is an SEO Tool that helps you to find the best way for your marketing Solution. Moz Pro its paid tool where you can use Moz Keyword Explorer for Finding Keywords research. It’s a Simple just search any topic that you want to target for your next blog content. Check Sample Image

Moz Keyword Explore tool

Again Here I search “Weight Loss” Keyword on Moz Pro Keyword Suggestion search bar. And You can see Now I have more keyword suggestion for these words. Beside keyword suggestion here you can see Relevancy of that keyword and their monthly Volume search traffics.

5.   Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs is also paid SEO Tool that helps to grow your search traffic by providing exact search term  volume and you can research your competitor keywords too. In Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, You have to search your topic on this tool and you will get thousands of keyword suggestion for your Niche .

Its shows Accurate Search Volumes for that keyword and its ensure you will get up to date volume data. Here you will see Keyword Difficulty Score too that means how hard to rank that keyword on search engine. Check Example of Ahrefs tools

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool

As you see I search “Healthy juices” search term on Ahrefs tools, It Shows keywords having Same Term Suggestion, Question keyword ideas and Also show which keyword ranks for this term. In Fourth column you see newly discovered keywords that are those keywords that were added recently in Ahrefs database.

6.   Quora Keyword Research

Everyone knows Quora Is Question answering site where User ask any Question that they want to know more information for that question. It’s a Q/A Site but you will surprise here you can find many topics for your blog and all those Question have already have Organic Traffics. Think about if you will write content on those Questions you can improve organic traffic for your website. Check Quora keyword Research example.

Quora Keyword Research Tool

Let’s see here I search “Weight loss” on Quora Search bar and you will see lots of questions related to this phrase . Beside this you will see each Question have Followers of those questions means if Question have 500 Follow that means all 500 people will get notify if any answer post on that question. High Followers of Question means this question have high Organic traffics too so you can get your Search term ideas here.

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