How you can earn $1000 Per Month through freelancer?

If you have Skills you can earn money online. Mostly people not know how they can earn online money, they have skills but have no guts to start their own business.
Here i will tell you all methods that help to earn money through using Freelancer site. Freelancer sites is a Marketplace sites where Buyer post their Job and Sellers apply for that job. so its a platform for finding and hiring freelancers online.

Earn $1000 online money through Freelancer sites

1. Upwork

Upwork formely Elance-Odesk, is a global freelancing site, where all the business owners and independent professionals collaborate. You have to Signup and create your Upwork profile. And add your Skills like Seo, Linkbuilding, Google ads, web developer and many more. There are so many job for different types of skills. People here earn $5K per month too or even more than $5, Its depend on your work. Be sure your Upwork My stats Score Above 90% Job Success for higher chance for hiring. Upload Professional Photo image with smiley face that shows your confidence and buyer loves smiley face profile.

Upwork freelancer profile

You will get 40 Upwork connects here for sending Job Proposal for job. But Now each connects will cost $0.15. But if you receive Job invitation directly from clients that will be Free. Its great move by Upwork, In that way only qualified Freelance apply for that job and we will see fewer application for particular job. It will benefits Qualified Freelancer. Get ready to earn money on Upwork Freelancer site.

For Buying connects you have click on Setting , under user setting you will see memberships & connects. Now there you will see Add more connects button. In $9 you can buy 60 connects, there are many connects package bundle. Remember Each Job application requires 6 connects maximum. In that way you can apply 10 Jobs in $9. So be smart and apply only those projects that you can complete successfully.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is also world largest Freelancer marketplace site, where you can earn easily hundread dollars, If you have talent. In Fiverr, You have to create a New Gig here. Like I will create a professional logo for your site in just $5. That’s a easy way to earn money for Fresher. Here you don’t have to apply for job, just wait for your first order ( share your gig on social media sites). When buyer search for this gig they will place their order. You will receive notification message on your mail “Great News: You’ve received an order from buyer” . You can build your portfolio here and show this work reference for big projects on other freelance site.

On Fiverr There will be Level 0, Level 1 , Level 2 and Top Rated Fiverr Batch that’s shows Seller Level ratings. So For New members you can only post 7 gig for startup your earnings. When your level increase, you can post more gigs and add Extra gig services too that help to increase your Revenue.

3. PeoplePerHour

Peopleperhour is a UK Based Freelancer site, Simply Signup and create your profile on PPH. Here you will get Free 15 proposal for applying for Job Projects. On PPH there is also MY CERT Ranking that shows your profile level. Its have Level 1 to Level 5 and Top Rated Profile. When you complete any job you will gets Points that help to improve your Level. So Just search job that good fit for your skills and apply for that Job. Here you will also get Project invitation that means buyer want to hire you directly like Upwork.

One more thing, here you can post offer like on fiver you create gig. Choose your service package that you can provide with set timeframe. On PPH we called Post offer by Hourlie that means how much mark you can do with in few hours.

4. SEOClerks

Seoclerks is world largest seo marketplace Freelancer site. Here you will see lots of in build packages for all your services. Its just like Fiverr, You have to signup and start creating your gig services. Use attractive Gig titles and key tags that will help to increase your sales. You can create many gigs here. No level problem like on fiverr. You can choose your gig price $5 to $125 for One gig and add extra gig services too. If you have any services that you can provide online that will be right platform for you.

You can also apply for job for particular services. Just open here you will see all the Buyer Job request. If you think you can do this task, just apply for that job like we do in Upwork.

5. Guru

Guru makes simple to find qualified Freelancer online and get job easily on this site. You have to make your profile, Add your skills and your Professional pic. After setup your account you have to click on Find a job button where you see all the job listed, open job request that you have skill And Apply for that work. Simple and easy way to sending Job proposal.

Guru: Add work Portfolio that increase your hiring chance for particular Job. Feedback also shows Trust factor, when any client check your profile, he will check your previous work feedback. If you have good feedback, client will hire you instanlty.

I have mention all the freelancer sites here that help to earn awesome money for your lifetime income source. Build your own business and skip 9 to 5 job. Do your work wherever you want to do. That’s a Online Power, we can travel and enjoy our life too. That’s way you can earn $1000 online money. You can read more Marketing Tips here.

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