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2019 New technology

The technology improvements what we have today is a dream of past century people. Well, do you think people of the last century can ever believe in smartphones or Artificial Intelligence? The tech is now on the success streaks with significant innovations this 2019.  Technology is one thing that makes the world a better place to live. It doesn’t just stop with artificial intelligence or block chains; there is a lot to explore.

Gut probe

Environmental enteric dysfunction is one kind that significantly affects children to die because of malnutrition. In developing countries, this disease is more common, with no ailments. This disease is due to the inflammation in the lungs that don’t absorb the nutrition sufficiently. Treatments and therapies are available but detecting this disease are very difficult. For that, the children must undergo an endoscopy. It’s expensive and impossible to reach people in developing countries.

The great revolution of this year is that Gullermo Tearney a pathologist has developed a tiny device that can examine the guts. It’s a small capsule attached with a flexible string. It can get straight into the lungs and capture images. This makes a whole lot of inspection easy without anaesthesia.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality expected to play a more significant role in sectors like engineering design, health care, gaming industry, manufacturing and space exploration. It is believed to change the whole way of communication and collaborating with the far off geographical boundaries. This year, AR is expected to be a significant component in many industries. Augmented Reality has surpassed its level of roving entertainment, and now it’s just revolutionising the technology world.

Artificial Intelligence Assistance

So far, all of us have used Alexa playing music or Siri for making a call or setting up a reminder. Though they have tried to make our life easier, it didn’t end up with excellent results. They are considered technologically smart but not a potential assistant. Now the Open AI has come with a technology that can be a humane assistant

The Google team is soon unveiling a system called BERT  that can relate to human words. The system is on the process of learning millions of sentences to predict the human’s choice of words. The commands are built strong so that it can give a feeling of having a real conversation with people.



Security is one major issue that’s treating the whole world. The Sunflower labs have come with a more realistic security system based on a drone.  They have combined an aircraft with motion detectors that could watch out for intruders. The armour covering is said to be very strong that it’s not easy to be destroyed. It can also obstruct the activities of attackers and can even handle gun firing situations. Drones are said to efficient in underwater also. It is designed in a way it can go deep and inspect what going around.

Technology is improving this 2019 than ever before. It has become a prominent assistant in every field like medical, business, space, gaming, and no one sector’s untouched by technology.

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New Technology
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New Technology
Data Language Python
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