How students can earn money online?

earn online money

Do you want to earn money online and pay your study fees through your earning money.

Are you studying and try to find part time jobs ? If yes then read our blog post that will show you how you can make money with skills and without skills too.

When i was in College Just like you i’m also searching for Part time jobs like tution,Promotion, Products advertising promotion ( Sample test for coffee or any new drinks), Pizza delivery And Now you know Zomato food delivery . There are more part time jobs but that can’t fulfill your needs. Is it ? May be not. That’s why we looking for online work where you can earn dollar . Check out our Suggestion :

1 Selling Image Online

Have you earn money by selling few images. If you don’t know how you can earn money through this techniques. Let me explain, You have to Join Shutterstock site. You have to register Contribute Shutterstock site and then Uplod your images with Image Title and Describe that image with words. After that add Keywords or tags. So When someone search those image with key words, they will see your images. May be he will buy your image and you can earn $0.25 Per One Image. You can sell images of Flower, mountain, food, fashion clothes, shoes, places image.Just upload your image that you capture on your camera. Don’t Copy other people images..Imagaine if you have thousand images and your are pro in photography. You can earn extra money here.

2 Earning Money through your Writing Skills

Do you love to write lots of content ? Why not you can do this for other online business. Mostly Website owner looking for good writer for their website blogs. How you can do that. Assume you love to write Sports Soccer Football Content. So how you can pitch for writing work. You have to search Niche site on Google that have soccer blog post on their site. Just just find out their mail id and send message for writhing offer. Send Some sample of your Content work. You can easily earn $10 to $35 Per One content.

3 Online Tutoring Job

If you’re good in any language that you can teach to other then i have good new for you. You can earn $10 to $15 Per Hour for Online Tutoring work. You have to Join Preply Site. As you can see there are so many languages tutor have profile. Just create your profile in any language that you can teach to other people. Create an effective video presentation of your Skills and choose a good profile photo that shows only your smile face. For this work ofcourse you need Webcam and internet connection. You have to use fins student section where you can see student language request. Read those request and reply if you can solve their language learning problem. Udemy is also other site where you can sell your course online.

4 Start your Youtube Channel

5 ways to earn online money

Its Free to Upload Vidoes on Youtube. So How you can earn money through Youtube. Choose your Niche Topic and Create Attractive Videos for your viewers. You can earn $5 Per 1000 Views. Price will be depend on your Viewers Country. USA Traffic views gives you more money as compared to Asian country. For Youtube Ads Earning your channel must have minimum 1000 subscribers of your channel and more than 4000 watch hours in your past 12 months. If you have all this thing you will be qualify to show ads on your video. You have notice many times when you see any video, within video you see 5 second ads. Those ads give you money. When your account reaches more than $100 , you can withdrawl your payment.

5 Start your Website for Blogging

If you do right things you can earn lifetime money through blogging. I will suggest you , Buy domain name for your site and start writhing content that you love like Tech blog, travel guide, mobile review, real estate. You can choose any Niche Topic for your blogging . Remember it will not gives you instant money. But trust me you can earn lots of money through blogging. Even you can do full time blogging after study. When you see lots of traffic through organic searches and ranks many keywords on search engine sites. Apply for Google Adsense so you can show ads on your site. When someone click on your ads you will earn money. Beside this you can Join any Affiliate site that suits your niche. Like Amazon Affiliate marketing goods if you have e-commerce consumer goods and services contents on your site.

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