What is Dwell Time and Does It Affect Your Rankings?

dwell time impact

Dwell time plays a very important role in SEO. The activity of clicking on a site and returning back from it to the SERPs takes some time and this time is known as dwell time. When a visitor searches for something then for that particular search the measurement of his dwelling time is known as the dwell time. If the engagement of the user on your web pages is for a short duration only then it is not good for your site.

Don’t confuse dwell time with various other things

Click-through rate, session duration, time on page and bounce rate look similar to dwell time but these are different things.

Click-through rate – The percentage of visitors who click on a web page advertisement after viewing that web page is known as the click-through rate.

CTR = Total clicks/Total impressions * 100

Session duration – The time spent on a site is known as session duration. It does not involve from where the visitors came and where they go.

Average time on page – On a web page the time spent by someone for a particular duration is known as average time on page. It does not involve from where the visitors came and where they go.

Bounce rate – If we divide the sessions of a single-page user by all the sessions to a site then its percentage is known as the bounce rate.

What is the impact of dwell time on page rank?

A normal person can’t use dwell time. Its access is limited to search engines only. It is not possible for you to access this time. Only CTR, session duration and average time on page can be seen with the help of Google Analytics.

However, it is possible for you to know the methods of boosting it as well as various things that impact it.

Is there any effect of this time on page rank? When Google calculates your rankings, then in this process, a role may be played by this time but nobody (even any tech giant) is sure about it.

Several things that affect the dwell time

To engage visitors on your web page there are some strategies which are as follows:

Create a better content of long-form

If on your page you want to keep the visitors for more time then you need to create a content of long-form that is engaging too. The dwell time can improve in this way. Basically, the content of 1200-2000 words is known as the content of long-form. However, it is necessary that the long-form content is well-researched, keyword-optimized and of good quality too. The user gets a value from the content of this type.

Enhance user experience

When someone visits your web page then by providing him a very good user experience you can maximize your dwell time. For optimizing the user experience of your site, the easiest ways are as follow:

  • Mobile responsiveness – Your web page’s dwell time can increase if it is mobile responsive. On the search engine results page, a lot of clicks nearly 56 % are made by mobile phones.
  • Compatibility to browser – Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are some browsers that are so popular. When on these browsers loading of your site can’t take place then the people will show no interest in searching your site. So, compatibility with these browsers is necessary to increase the dwell time.
  • Intuitive navigation – If the navigation is intuitive then it will help the visitors in finding the required things on your site. For ease of navigation, the larger sites need to have a drop-down menu of larger size and the smaller sites need to have navigation bars. With this, the dwell time of visitors to your site can increase.
  • Content that is visually appealing – If your content is visually appealing then the visitors will definitely like it. With the use of headings, sub-headings and bulleted lists you can create visually appealing content. The visitors mostly like a sweet and short paragraph.
  • A site that loads fast – When a site loads slowly and takes more time, then the users may not like to access it. But if it loads at a faster rate then the visitors will surely like to spend more time on it and thereby increasing the dwell time.

If you want to increase the speed of your site then you need to do its SEO and in doing that a Digital marketing company can help you.  

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