Why Are LinkedIn Automation Tools Useful For Startups in 2021? A Detailed Guide

linkedin automation tools

So are you a startup founder? Do you need leads for your business? No doubt that you’d have tried many social media platforms and relevant tools. Were you able to game up your marketing efforts or drive your sales? Probably not! Because no platform is effective for B2B startups as much as LinkedIn. 

A large number of B2B marketers and businesses are using LinkedIn to grow their business. This platform has become the hotspot for marketers and businesses to find leads and conduct business online. Recent research has shown that most startups are leveraging the power of LinkedIn automation tools to find and capture qualified leads for their business. 

Why LinkedIn Automation for Startups?

LinkedIn has become the most preferred channel where professionals can connect directly and build strong business relationships. Unlike traditional outbound mailing and cold calling that has become less effective, social selling on LinkedIn is giving great results. 

Cold outreach is becoming obsolete. It’s very unlikely that your emails reach the intended recipient and cold calls are even worse. According to research, more than 80% of the prospects don’t even like to pick a call from a random number trying to sell them something. 

That’s why businesses are turning their attention towards social selling and LinkedIn is an ideal platform for that. To automate social selling, there is a plethora of advanced LinkedIn automation tools in the market. 

Grow Your Business with The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

There are a number of tasks that you can automate on LinkedIn with the help of these tools:

1. Extracting Lists of Prospects

The first step of successful social selling on LinkedIn is searching and creating lists of ideal prospects on LinkedIn. There is no point in connecting with random people and building a network of irrelevant people. It will be of no benefit to your business.

However, finding your ideal prospects in an ocean of 760 million+ prospects is a big challenge, and that is where the jump in. 

These tools come with advanced filters to help you extract our ideal prospects in a short time. No doubt you can do it manually but being a startup founder who already has so much on the plate, you can’t afford to spend hundreds of hours searching for prospects only. 

2. Automating the Connection Requests 

LinkedIn automation tools not only find prospects but also send bulk connection requests to prospects to make the whole social selling process easier and quicker.

Again, sending thousands of connection requests manually will take a lot of time and energy. Either you have to do it yourself which can consume so much time or you have to hire someone. So why not invest a small amount of money on a high-quality LinkedIn automation tool that can perform all the repetitive and boring tasks more efficiently. 

3. Sending Personalized Messages

When we talk about automation, the first thing that comes into our mind is that it will send automated messages that can cause spam. 

However, there are many LinkedIn tools that come with advanced personalization features to help you personalize every single message based on the industry type and interests of every prospect. 

To help reduce spam, they also offer features to send customized images/GIFs along with the personalized text. 

Are LinkedIn Automation Tools Spammy?

Honestly, it all depends on the approach you adopt while using LinkedIn automation tools. Even the top LinkedIn automation tools can’t guarantee success if you try to cross the line. 

Some users think they can hit the jackpot over the night and use LinkedIn automation tools to send connect requests and messages blindly.

If this happens, LinkedIn can easily detect that a bot or a tool is working behind and can restrict or block your account. 


LinkedIn automation is truly time-saving and rewarding, especially for startups that need qualified leads for their business growth. 

They can automate simple and repetitive tasks that take a lot of time if done manually. The time saved can be used on important business tasks that need more attention such as lead nurturing and other important parts of the sales cycle. 

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